Baseball Hitting Drills – Tips and Drills For Using Hitting Stick Trainers by Nick Dixon

The ball should be positioned slightly in front of the batters front foot. The batter will drive the bat through the box. Make sure that the hitting area is safe with no one within 15 feet of the holder or the batter.

4. If the angle is wrong, the end of the bat will hit behind the ball and the bat will never actually touch the ball. The holder will change the location of the ball by moving.

1. Remember to direct the ball toward the belly button or back foot of the batter. . The first thing to remember is that the holder should always direct the rod and ball toward the hitter’s back foot. It is welcomed in complexes and parks because it allows safe pre-game warm-up, requires little space, and does not damage fences. The batter may have to take a slight inward step with the front foot to properly execute this swing.

6. HIP TURNER LOCATION – The holder stands slightly behind the batter directing the ball at the batter’s bat pocket. Make sure the batter does not over stride.

Baseball Hitting Drills – Tips and Drills For Using Hitting Stick Trainers

 by: Nick Dixon

2. The batter should take a step and drive the ball.

The batter takes 5 swings at 5 different ball locations. This high speed training machine is 100% Guaranteed to raise Batting Averages and has a full year warranty.

10. The ball hit is on the middle 3rd of the plate. AWAY STRIKE LOCATION – The holder will move around a couple more feet to give the batter a ball to hit that is on the outer 3rd of the plate. You can learn to hit without having to chase, pick-up or retrieve a single ball. Positive reinforcement should be given when the batter makes good solid contact.

The popularity come from the benefits they offer the baseball player, baseball coach, and the baseball parent. The ball should be positioned at a location inside the batters front foot. The batter should attack the inside strike earlier to keep from getting jammed.

8. The purpose of these swings is to make the batter use the hips as the batter turns and hits the ball. This simple rule insures that proper bat-to-ball contact is made. Check out the Bat Action Hitting Machine baseball pitching simulator at The unit is portable and requires no setup. ^Hit2win is a registered trademark of Nedco Sports Products. Allowing the ball to pass inside the front foot allows the batter to use the front foot and leg as a anchor and leverage to generate a more powerful swing.

4. The holder should make sure that the trainer safety strap is used to prevent the holder from losing their grip on the trainer when the batter hits the ball.

The 4X5 Baseball and Softball Pre-game Warm-up Drill

There are many versions of the “ball-on-a-rod” trainer. The key to proper use of any hand-held batting device is KNOWING AND USING THE CORRECT ANGLE FOR THE DRILL YOU ARE DOING! If you do not direct or point the ball at the proper angle, the batter will always make poor contact. You should not move the ball when using these trainers. Check to make sure the batter is using proper grip, stance and stride mechanics.

The has a great selection of BASEBALL COACHING and TRAINING ARTICLES. This teaches the batter to allow the ball down the middle to get inside the front foot so that maximum power can be generated during the swing. Make sure that the batter is swinging in a direction that is free of persons should the batter lose the grip on the bat.

9. The height of the ball should be raised and lowered in the strike zone to give the batter swings at both high and low strikes.

*HitnStik is a registered trademark belong to Easton Sports. MIDDLE STRIKE CONTACT – The holder will move around a couple more feet. Second, the holder must stand at the proper angle to the batter and direct the ball at the correct angle to the batter. It is important to know the proper angles when using this product.

Coaching Points:

As the inventor of the HitnStik*, Hit2win Trainer^, and SKLZ Target+ Trainer, I sometimes cringe when I see someone using the product incorrectly. The ball should be at a location just inside the batters back foot. First, the product is to be used as a “still” ball trainer. They have different names but they all are great trainers to teach and train young players. This location simulates hitting a pitch over the inside 3rd of the plate. The first and original version was the HitnStik*. Every player on the team can take 30 warm-up swings each in less than 10 minutes.

3. All of these baseball trainers basically work and perform the same. The batter does not move. INSIDE STRIKE – The holder moves toward the direction of the pitcher from the batter. All of these are handheld units. The batter should keep the head still and the head should stay down with the eyes on the ball throughout the swing.

The holder changes location and height and allows the batter to take 6 swings at each location. Then later came other versions including the Hit2win Trainer^ and the SKLZ Target Trainer. The ball will be positioned in a location behind the front foot. The batter swings and drives the ball in a direction that would be to the opposite field. Make sure the ball is directed at the batter’s back foot.

5. These trainers are some of the most popular baseball batting trainers used today.

7. I often see coaches and parents working with players when I visit a park. +SKLZ Target is a registered trademark of Pro Performance Sports.

1. This is what I call “coning out”.

2. I sometimes get frustrated because I observe the product being used incorrectly.


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