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Many people felt that Boston has a 24.3 percent chance to win it all in 2010.

Do you have a favorite team that you are rooting for? Or maybe you just have a player that you like. They are the returning champions and have won numerous titles, so they are really the team to watch. Boston used to be a powerhouse in the eighties and they may rise up yet again with the right people in place. Your underdog team could possibly get that NBA ring.

The other team that is on the watch list is the Boston Celtics. He is the franchise player that skipped college basketball because of the beauty of his playing abilities. The other time that happened was with the Chicago Bulls as Michael Jordan wanted to win so badly that he was willing to sacrifice his NBA salary since he was making more money in advertising endorsements. Yet still others feel that the top league players should take a salary cut to gain additional players if they are truly serious about winning. Does your team have a shot at the next NBA Finals? Usually if the team was pretty good in the previous year they will have approximately the same performance unless major players are hurt, were traded or retired. Though many say that LeBron is still young and hasn’t fully matured enough to win even though he is a phenomenal player. Although Shaquille O’Neal is an experienced player with four championship wins Cleveland doesn’t have enough supporting players on the team to help them win. Many feel that the salary caps should be raised so that other teams can compete. Unless LeBron James is willing to go this route the Cavaliers may never win.. They have won a championship game in the past decade so they would need to have a few key players to step up to the plate to get to the playoffs. No one yet knows who is going to win and the NBA picks are still too early to decide. Even as extraordinary as LeBron may be he cannot win the playoffs by himself.

Most of the teams that are in contention have franchise players and are at the salary cap so they will not have an opportunity to draft any really good players. New players are too green to have an effect as it will take them a while to get trained and acclimated to professional basketball.

One of the other two contending teams that might have a shot is the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a poll recently posed to fans 51 percent felt that the Lakers would win again in 2010. Nothing is set in stone. Unless Kobe gets hurt or something unforeseen happens they should be one of the two teams vying for the title.

As it is still early yet anything could still happen. Number 24 Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have the greatest odds to win. They can only do a trade to try and lower their salary budget to bring in fresh blood. LeBron James leads this team. The favored team could have a really bad year

Picking winners is the best handicapping strategy

And the “value” jinx was once again a sure thing, as one TV picker said he was looking for “value” and then tabbed Firing Line.

Hopefully we’re past the point where certain of the handicapping set think that the extra distance in New York will benefit a closer. They’re almost reluctant to recommend something that would pay almost a 100 percent return on the investment in a few minutes. The winner will be near the front. The trendy horse, Firing Line, barely got around the race track. You would have to bring something fancy to compete with Pharoah.

Make us happy.

One of the most costly fears around the horse race track is fear of favorites.

Two streaks held steady at the Preakness. Here’s what’s much weaker than playing American Pharoah in the Derby and the Preakness: playing something else. But this is no fair weather runner from California like California Chrome and Dortmund.

It can be more harmful than the fear of the kitchen at the track.

Whereas it is great fun to beat a favorite, there’s this to keep in mind: all favorites are not alike. Like all the great ones.

What will a Triple Crown winner do for this country?

Knowing which favorite you can’t beat is a trait that is often indicative of good horse handicapping sense.

The place to look for “value” is at the pawn shop.

Many public handicappers who would have a hard time picking what day tomorrow is act as though picking a favorite is a sign of weakness. Trendy horses make money disappear. For its last three or four races, American Pharoah has been a gimme in any pick 3, 4 or 6 sequence in which it has been involved.. American Pharoah is not like the even-money horse in a $5,000 claiming race at Charles Town, where you might beat the chalk with a farm pet. Wet tracks never help an outside horse unless it can get to the lead. The goal is to make some money.

Sure, Materiality and another party crasher or two will have the speed to test Pharoah in New York.

What’s not to like about a great animal.

The goal of horse race handicapping is not to beat the favorite

What voters want in a VP

Warren is viewed favorably by a narrow majority of Democrats — 51% have a positive impression, 14% an unfavorable one and 35% aren’t sure — but her appeal is slightly larger among those already behind Clinton (54% have a favorable view) than among those who would rather see Sanders as the party’s nominee (48% favorable). Results for registered voters have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

But among movable voters, that is those who say their minds could change between now and November, a female running mate is more of an asset for Trump. 41% who prefer political experience, while those who would rather see someone else heading the GOP are more evenly divided between a political (46%) or military (44%) running mate.

The survey finds just a handful of Republican voters want their presumptive nominee to choose someone just like him. Chris Christie, hasn’t done much to improve his standing in the public eye since his run for the GOP nomination ended earlier this year. Almost 9 in 10 say that if Trump or Clinton were to choose a woman as their running mate, it wouldn’t impact their vote either way. Overall, 35% have a favorable impression of him, down from 41% in January. 43% among GOP-leaning men).

One candidate with political experience who may be under consideration as Trump’s running mate, New Jersey Gov. Just 8% say they’d like to see Trump select someone with a background in the business world, while the rest are divided between a running mate with experience in the military (47% would prefer that) or in politics (43% prefer a politician).

On the Democratic side, Massachusetts Sen. For Trump, whose challenges with female voters have produced a nearly 20-point gender gap in overall presidential preferences, choosing a female running mate would be largely a wash: 6% say it would make them more likely to back him, 4% less likely.

The poll also finds that House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2012 who will preside over the GOP convention next month, is viewed positively by Republicans who support Trump (55% have a positive impression) as well as those who would rather see someone else atop the ticket (65% favorable).

The CNN/ORC poll was conducted by telephone June 16-19 among a random national sample of 1,001 adults. In that group, 12% say Trump’s choice of a female running mate would make them more likely to back him, 3% less likely to support him. The poll includes interviews with 891 registered voters. Elizabeth Warren makes frequent appearances on handicappers’ lists of possible picks for Clinton, largely on the strength of her sharp attacks on Trump and her ability to appeal to the more liberal Democratic voters who supported Bernie Sanders. Among Republicans, his favorability rating has held roughly steady over that same time — 57% favorable in January and 54% now.

Clinton is poised to become the first woman to lead a major party ticket at next month’s Democratic convention, and more say they would be dissuaded from backing her if she chose a woman (10%) than said they would be more likely to back her if she chose a female candidate (4%). Nationwide, she’s less well known: 40% of voters say they haven’t heard of her or don’t have an opinion, while those who do have an impression are about evenly divided, 31% favorable to 29% unfavorable.

Republican women are a bit less apt than GOP men to trust Trump to handle the responsibilities of commander-in-chief, according to CNN/ORC poll results released Tuesday, and GOP women are also more likely to say Trump should choose someone with military experience (51% say so vs. That group tilts the other way on Clinton and is not much different from other voters on this question, with 9% saying they’d be less likely to back Clinton with a female running mate and 3% more likely to.

Trump’s supporters in the party are a bit more likely to say he should choose someone with military experience — 49% say so vs. But the Democratic electorate isn’t sold on Warren as the ideal running mate for Clinton; just 34% say Clinton ought to select Warren while 54% say they’d rather see someone else share the ticket with Clinton.

In an election year when the politics of gender have been front and center, voters are largely agreed that they won’t be swayed by the gender of any vice presidential selection.