How To Choose A Laptop What’s Available?

Even if you have to pay a bit more, you should go with the 2GB of RAM as the new operating systems (Vista) require more memory and this can really enhance the laptop performance. As with most electronic equipment, accessories can be very important to improve the efficiency and overall enjoyment of your laptop. They only weigh around 3 to 5 pounds. For example portability is compromised slightly in that these models do not always fit in the smaller sized laptop bags. There is a new version called Centrino 2 for laptops. To simplify; For most users for home and school look for a laptop that has a Pentium Dual Core or AMD Turion X2. While Windows still has many more applications available, Macintosh users can still claim that they are less susceptible to viruses and spyware.

Key Features to Compare When Laptop Shopping:

15.4 inch Models:

These have been referred to as sub-notebooks but are now generally called netbooks. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and overall packages including some of the smallest, largest and thinnest models available.

The range of designs is not without purpose. Due to the smaller footprint these models have a higher price. With the right home accessories for your laptop you can fix the typical ergonomic issues of only using a laptop. However, if price outweighs performance then this is a great choice.

The range of capacities for hard disk drives continues to increase dramatically. Laptops are typically offered with hard drives from 120 to 500 GB and from 1GB to 2 GB of RAM. What you might lose in ability to upgrade and expandability, you gain in versatility and portability. Make sure you investigate the right accessories and add them to your list.

When power and performance are what you are looking for then point yourself toward these larger laptops. A word of caution on these smaller size models, make sure you check what is included within the frame of the laptop. They are very small with screens in the range of 7 to 10 inches and are targeted toward users that focus on email and Web browsing.

The total variety of laptops has grown, it seems, exponentially in the past few years. Both are excellent and have their pluses and minuses. Although these models seem more portable, many of them require external storage or external DVD players.

Hard Drive and Memory (RAM) Capacity:

14.1 inch Models:

So go through this list and check off which attributes are most important and then you will be more then ready to make your laptop purchase. And in looking at the latest crop for this year, the trend is continuing. The attraction is they only cost about $300.

17 inch Models:


But what you gain is higher performance, obviously a larger screen and in most cases better graphic capability.

Operating Systems Windows vs. A good choice for the power user.

These models are the best bet for light weight portability. They also can weigh up to 6 pounds so if you tend to have long walks in airports this may be a consideration..

These guys fit right in the middle with slightly less weight at 5 to 6 pounds and slightly lower price then the larger 17 inch models.

The Basic Choices (Categorized by screen size):

You may have lately seen advertisements for netbooks. However, if you talk to a Mac user they are usually die hard customers. For most applications this is not an issue. Obviously there are some things you have to sacrifice. Netbooks:

13.3 inch Models:

This is the direction you should go if you are leaning toward portability, lower cost and good performance as your key laptop attributes. And with the ever increasing public wireless access, a laptop is becoming even more advantageous over a desktop computer.

This can appear confusing. Performance and cost are most closely related, so just know that the lower the cost the slower the processor. This is a new class of laptop that have very small (7 to 9 inch) screens and weigh only 2 to 3 pounds. For the user that is looking for more performance (and higher cost) then steer toward Core 2 Duo. Some of the thinnest available are less than an inch thick and only weigh 3 to 5 pounds. Mac:

Windows has continued to be the most dominant operating system for laptops.

As costs reduce on laptops, they really are a better choice over desktop computers. Some have reduced size in order to lower cost or to improve portability

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