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There is no charge to participate in the competition and each fan will be given $100 in “Survivor Dollars” to wager for the remainder of the season. Operators at the LiveHive Broadcast Control Center watch Survivor in real-time to determine the show’s wagering opportunities and generate specific odds on each outcome. For more information, please visit

WATERLOO, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. is a premiere fan site for viewers of the Survivor reality TV program. “Just as every show is different, every game will be different as wagering opportunities are created on the fly. (, a premiere online fan site for the popular TV program, is using the LiveHive NanoGaming Solution to power the live Bet-On-Survivor competition. is owned and operated by Walton Communications of El Segundo, California. Once the result of each event is determined, fan accounts are immediately updated and each fan is notified of their win or loss. Prizes including an Xbox 360(TM), portable DVD player, and first season Survivor DVD set will be awarded to fans with the largest account balances at the end of the season. Fans of the CBS reality TV show Survivor: Panama – Exile Island can participate in the free competition by predicting the outcome of events as they watch the show. The LiveHive NanoGaming(TM) Solution allows online sportsbooks to offer real-time “nano-event” wagering on any aspect of sporting event and pop-culture competitions, from any internet-equipped device. 27, 2006– NanoGaming(TM) lets fans participate in every challenge as the action unfolds

LiveHive Systems and today announced the world’s first real-time interactive reality TV competition – Bet-On-Survivor. “The Bet-On-Survivor interactive reality TV competition was created to satisfy the demand from fans who want to connect more directly with the show,” said Conrad Walton, owner of the fan site. Players can wager up to $20 on each prediction they make.

NanoGaming is making real-time events more entertaining and engaging by allowing fans to play along with their favorite programming. This competition will bring reality TV programming to a new level.”

Register now for the free competition at For more information about the LiveHive NanoGaming Solution, please visit These opportunities are broadcast to Survivor fans on who can then “place their bets” on the outcome of each event.

“Will Casaya win this challenge?”


“Who will be eliminated next from this challenge?”

Fans will be able to predict the outcome of any situation, for example: . The site provides news, episode summaries, and a forum for fans to exchange opinions.

“Will Sally catch the next ball?”

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“Who will Shane vote for at tribal council?”

LiveHive Systems is a privately held software development company creating innovative real-time event wagering solutions for the online gaming industry

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