Bookmakers royal baby: Flurry of bets puts ‘Alice’ at top for royal baby name

They announced the name of “Alice” as the frontrunner last week.

William Hill mysteriously notes the changes theyve seen in one particular area of the country. William Hill is giving 4/1 odds and Ladbroke offers 3/1 odds on Alice being the royal baby’s name.

According to The Huffington Post on March 31, the name Alice has suddenly replaced the name of Charlotte as a favored girls name just as Kate is coming into the final month of her pregnancy. and this has people wondering if they know something they are not sharing with the public. Hill says, We have seen a significant number of bets, particularly from the Tunbridge area you have to think there is a good reason for the gamble.

A flurry of activity surrounding the royal babys name is coming from the bookmakers in the U.K. The baby is due mid to late April.

Kates walk through the girls clothes department could just be wishful thinking on her part to have a baby girl, giving George a little sister. This is despite William and Kate still saying they do not know the babys gender.

Both Charlotte and Alice are old royal names with Queen Victoria having a daughter, Princess Alice. Two of the big gambling houses in the U.K., William Hill and Ladbrokes have slashed the odds on the royal baby being named Alice. Betting on the royal baby is big business with odds given on everything from gender to birth weight.. There is a reason that the betting houses have Alice as a favorite now, but it is not due to Kate’s shopping habits.

According to ABC News, Cormac Dowling from the online gambling house BetFair said that it is running 50/50 when it comes to people betting on the royal baby being a boy or a girl, but there is more betting activity on a girl’s name today. This means of course the baby would need to be a girl and the fact that Kate gravitated towards clothes for baby girls while shopping in Chelsea recently is considered the tell-tale sign that this baby will be a girl

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